Forum Sydney

Produced by Metro Screen, Forum Sydney will screen over six  Sundays at 6.30pm on Television Sydney (TVS), digital 44 from 2 December 2012 – 6 January 2013, covering six hot topics:
1. Urban Planning screening 2 December 2012
2. Transport screening 9 December 2012
3. Environment screening 16 December 2012
4. Crime screening 23 December 2012
5. Arts and Culture screening 30 December 2012
6. Health screening 6 January 2013

Forum Sydney is a news and current affairs television series that shines the media spotlight on issues affecting Sydneysiders, with special guest panelists, hosted by Brian Carlton.

The debut episode features a lively discussion about Urban Planning hosted by radio personality Brian Carlton and special guest panelists Liam McKay (NSW Planning  & Infrastructure Head of Communications) Dr Elizabeth Farrell (Sydney Morning Herald columnist), Chris Johnson AM (CEO Urban Taskforce Australia) and Sue Weatherley (Parramatta City Council).

In this episode we ask: ‘What sort of city do we want Sydney to become in the 21st century? Do we want a city that keeps growing outwards, stretching its economic and social fabric to its limits or do we want a more densely populated city that encourages redevelopment and high-density living around its urban centres towards the west?’

Forum Sydney will screen Sundays at 6.30pm on Television Sydney (TVS), digital 44, produced by Metro Screen. The show can also be streamed online from the TVS player on the landing page at


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