Film Riot iPhone Filming
The video capabilities of the iPhone took a huge leap forward with the iPhone 4S. The stunning quality of the iPhone 5 combined with a plethora of filmmaking Apps gives storytellers a mobile movie studio in their pockets and handbags every day.A MOVIE STUDIO IN YOUR POCKET

Popular online filmmaking show – Film Riot recently made a short film using the iPhone 5 and highlighted its potential by dissecting the process including tips, tricks and making-of commentary. If you’re wondering what the main advantages are of the new iPhone 5, check out this camera review video.

Video Star is an amazing app that allows anyone to shoot a music video for any song. Pause/play features which make it incredibly simple to edit while you film. The vast increase in the quality of images is also leading to innovative crowd sourced storytelling such as the Instagram movie made up of thousands of photos taken and shared with the popular app.

FiLMiC Pro takes beautiful DSLR style shots with features like white balance, different shooting modes, overlays and grids to help you personalize your shooting – check out the video guide. Once you have your raw footage why not go the whole way with post processing and colour grading using the CinemaFX app for iPhone.



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