Piracy: An Industry Debate

Piracy is a major issue for the Australian screen content industry. Be front row for the biggest industry debate.

Wednesday 7 November 6.30 – 8.00pm Chauvel Cinema, Paddington

With the impending roll out of the NBN and recent moves by the ABC and Foxtel to shorten the window of release for Australian audiences, the time is right for some informed discussion on the issue. This complex question will be discussed by special guest industry leaders speaking to a debate topic which will be revealed on the night, followed by Q&A from the audience. You will hear from:

+ Lori Flesker – CEO, Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation
+ Adrianne Pecotic – CEO, Independent Cinema Association of Australia
+ Tim Parsons – COO, Quickflix
+ Rodney Serkowski – Founder, Pirate Party Australia

A recent paper released by the Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation found that there was statistical evidence that piracy harms film & TV content sales. Download the full paper, or for more background information read the Metro Screen Piracy Blog post.

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