TIme Machine Festival Picks


Metro Screen is a proud supporter of the inaugural TIME MACHINE festival presenting time-based art forms including performance, installation, workshops, talks, and experimental music. Time Machine showcases the work of more than 50 Australian and International artists, taking place across a series of venues in Sydney, Australia. Filmmakers and digital media enthusiasts don’t miss these 4 Metro Screen picks:

1. Adnan Chowdhury
HD Video
Adnan Chowdhury is currently in postproduction of his feature length film set in Bangladesh. He is a Dhaka and Sydney based artist who works primarily in digital film and photography, in 2011 his short film, ‘Omission’, won the prestigious Gold Award at the Australian Cinematographers Society Awards (NSW). Set in a stoneworks at the edge of a great river in Dhaka, Chowdhury’s film is an exploration into how far our anthropomorphic desires go. Time Machine Exhibition 18 – 29 July

2. Adnan Chowdhury
 Cinema By/For A Single Consciousness Who Feels
Cinema, for many filmmakers recently, has become the modeling of a single consciousness experiencing. The talk is on Sunday 29 July from 3-4pm
at Serial 002.

3. Sarah Byrne
 Boredom Cure 
Boredom Cure is an installation utilising looped VHS scratch tapes, showcasing manically edited footage taken from The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style (1978). Time Machine Exhibition 18 – 29 July

4. Alex White
De-Composite exploits analog video encoding systems including composite video to produce a video form. These systems were ubiquitous and central to television, video and gaming production and consumption for decades and are now rapidly approaching obsolescence. Time Machine Exhibition 18 – 29 July


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